Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dancing With Abandon - Until I Realize I'm Being Filmed

One of my most favorite memories of my mom is when I was young and she would blast the music of  Neil Diamond, Harry Chapin, The Supremes or any of the other music she so loved to listen to. We'd dance together in our little kitchen and just laugh with abandon.

Of course, as a teen it was harder for my mom to get me to dance with her. God how embarrassing to dance with your mom! (Insert eye roll here)

One day I was out with a girlfriend and she told me she was kind of jealous of me. What? Why? It turns out she had pulled up to the house one day unexpected and through our front window she saw me and my mom dancing in the kitchen. No, she wasn't stalking. She just got a peek into something that was so normal to me I took it for granted.

Now I have my own children and my teens would rather do anything than dance in the kitchen with me. But, on a good night, I can turn up iTunes and at least a few of the kids will dance with me while we do the dishes.

I get to keep the memory of my mom alive and have some fun with my kids at the same time. And maybe I'm even making some memories for them when they have families of their own.

I don't believe there is anyone stalking my house peeking in the front windows anymore. There's no need to. My techno savvy kids know how to pick up an iPhone and slyly take a video.

So tonight we had fun dancing instead of doing the dishes. The video isn't great, but the smiles and laughs are extraordinary.


  1. What a neat post. I walked into the living room and Jilda had this smile on her face. When I asked why she was smiling, she said I just read the neatist blog entry by my friend Jennifer.
    I smiled too as I read and watched the. Video.

  2. That was fun! I loved that and that it's a way for you to connect with your Mom in you. And it looks like the doggies enjoyed it too :)


  3. Well that made me smile. Sarah and I have dance parties too.