Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Full Plate, An Empty Garden & Another Post About Finding Balance

I will not be tending a backyard vegetable garden this year.

Shocking, I know.

I live in the South, my house sits on an acre and a half, and I already have the boxes built from last years failed garden attempt. Really, there's no reason I shouldn't have seeds in the ground already.

Except I don't want to.

The more people asked me if I had my garden in yet, the more I realized I don't enjoy gardening.  The past few years I've planted, and failed at, vegetable gardens. I realize now I was doing it out of a self-imposed sense of obligation.

I don't enjoy fighting the bugs, the heat, the drought, the weeds. Getting dirt under my nails is not therapeutic to me.

To some of you this may seem like no big deal and not worthy of a blog post. To those of you not getting it, let me remind you --- I live in the south.

My garden never looked like this!
A vegetable garden is kind of a law down here.

Between the kids, teaching yoga, writing and building a business my spare time is very limited. More than a few people have told me lately I'm too busy and taking on too much.

They are right. I know that. And I really am making attempts to restructure my life for more balance and less stress.

I mean, really, isn't that what I teach in my yoga classes?

Yoga is about finding the edge between pushing yourself and backing off when the pose is too much. I remind my classes that flowing through multiple rounds of Surya Namaskara (sun salutations) can be fun and invigorating. But sometimes what our body really needs is to stop and rest in balasana (childs pose).

Balance, baby, balance.

I need to be mindful of where my attention is given. I need to be sure that my energy is given to only those things that bring me joy or benefit my family.

Yes I realize that not having a garden puts me at a real disadvantage should the apocalypse hit. But I'm pretty sure it's going to take more than a pantry of canned green beans to fight roving bands of zombies.

And yes, I'm aware the price of food is getting higher each day as oil prices continue to rise.  I'll be more intentional this year in getting to our local farmer's markets to find locally grown produce.

And I won't mind at all that there is a little more open space in the yard this year. More room for the kids and dogs to run!


  1. Please, I'm LDS. If you don't have a garden it's like you are spitting in the face of our culture and tradition. One of my mom's favorite kid songs she use to sing to us was "The Prophet says to plant a garden". I talk a big game every year about growing a garden. I go to all the workshops and different classes ladies at church put on. I take home the free tomato starter, and 3 days later it's dead. I'm just not a garden person either. I can't even keep the shrubs in my front flower bed alive and weed free.

  2. it's ok......though we do have a vegetable garden, my flowers/beds are a shambles, but like you I have to find balance.....rude awakening the day I woke up and discovered I could not do it all!

  3. hahah isnt it funny when you realize you have been doing something that you dont actually enjoy?!? that was the same with me and baking. its something i wish i enjoyed. but i dont so gotta just move on and spend time doing something we do! =D