Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm So Cool

As I was getting set up for class tonight a student asked me if I was holding an iPad. Yes, it's where I keep my class notes I told her.

"Wow, you're such a cool yoga teacher," she said.

Uh huh, I'm cool. I almost put on a pair of dark sunglasses right there and taught my class. Ya know, cause I'm so cool and all.

I have a friend who is anti Apple products. Yes, such people exist it's true. I always tease him all the cool kids have Macs. I can't wait to tell him I'm right.

Continuing with the I'm so cool theme, earlier today I was told my boots and yoga pants looked cool together.

And there was even some fun banter on Twitter today from one of my students talking about "chillin' and enjoying the awesomeness" of class.

Yep. I'm all that and a bag of chips baby!

As I sashayed into the house tonight after teaching, I removed my dark shades and waited for the accolades from my family.

And waited. And then started doing the dishes while waiting some more.

"Mooommm". Ah yes, the sound of a 10-year-old little girl calling for her mother. Surely she wants to shower me with love and affection.

"Look, my teeth are right here in this bag under this edge of my pillow. See them? Can the tooth fairy please not forget - again - tonight?"

Before I had a chance to explain that the tooth fairy probably forgot to leave some money because she was busy spreading yoga love through the land, another kid hollered Moooommmm. And then an argument over headphones and taking out the trash began. Oh and the toilet is clogged and the TV in my room doesn't work and three of the kids need money for school tomorrow.

Wait! Stop! Where is my love? My appreciation? My yoga students tell me they love me! And all I did was tell them to breathe. I gave birth to you kids now tell me I'm the coolest mom ever!

Damn, I just lost my cool.

As soon as you think you've got it going on and all together, your ego comes along to slap you down and remind you that you are just the one who can unclog a toilet.

But the shades do make you look cool with a plunger in your hand!


  1. bahahah you crack me up. and for the record you will ALWAYS be cool in my book =)

  2. You are a good mother. Good mothers aren't cool. The kids with "cool" moms end up on drugs and in jail. Just keep doing what you are doing as a Mother and as a yoga teacher.

  3. LOVE this post — so wry and real. also, sunglasses make everything cooler. ;)