Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I Actually Won Something! The Perfect Prize For Me: A Yoga Book

I've never won the Powerball. I've never won a free vacation. I don't think I've ever won a gift basket.

So when author Meryl Davids Landau announced a giveaway of her new book Downward Dog Upward Fog I really had no expectations of ever hearing about it again.

Not only did I win a free copy of the book, it was a prize way better than any gift basket!

Downward Dog Upward Fog is what I call chick lit for women with a brain. Don't insult my intelligence with Harlequin romance type stories of a woman finding herself only when she finds the perfect man. Give me the story of a woman on her own path finding her own way.

This story delivers just that. The heroine of the story Lorna is a special events coordinator at an ice cream company (does a cool job that like that really exist? And if so where do I apply?), with a difficult mother, perfect but not-perfect-for-her boyfriend and an older more spiritually enlightened sister.

Lorna's yoga practice leads her to a weekend silent retreat (again, where do I apply?) and onto a spiritual path where she practices daily meditation and kindness.  She soon discovers that it's easy to be spiritual while secluded on a retreat, but her inner peace is tested daily with difficult coworkers, neighbors, family and life's daily drama.

There are a few times in the book that it all seems a little too easy. Things seem to work out too perfectly with just a minimum of effort. A couple times I wondered if Lorna would be so dedicated to hour long meditations if she had a bunch of kids and laundry to attend to. But she doesn't, so I don't begrudge her time spent sitting and focusing inward. In fact, I envy it.

Unlike a lot of the other yoga books out there now, Downward Dog Upward Fog doesn't require a trip to India or radical life altering decisions. Rather, it emphasizes we have the choice in how to react, we have the choice to respond with kindness, and we have the choice to pursue whatever path we feel led to. It's a great book when you are looking for something yoga and/or spiritual to read, but also want something light and enjoyable.

Thank you Meryl Davids Landau for sending me the book, and for the great read!

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